We believe the future of global trade is where a new breed of entrepreneurs are seeking to create an ecosystem that can help them take a disruptive approach to their market.

We live in a connection economy where specialized partnerships add real value and are crucial for businesses to reach scale without the baggage of internal operations.
In this world of constant change, let us help you connect your brand with the right people around the world and ensure your business is generating long term successful revenue.

Finding likeminded partners who share the same values and ideas about how to market products and brands.
Who believe in the power of design, the quality of true craftsmanship and great stories with cultural relevancy.

Mix it up with good business sense a financial model where everyone succeeds and you’ve got a powerful formula.

You don’t have to be big corporation to become a big player.

1616 Trade are global brand builders who focus on selling goods while keeping an eye on the esthetics and value of the brand.

We scale products into global brands for our partners and have an extensive global network that allows us to set up distribution channels in many different product categories and retail outlets around the world. That way brands don’t have to build an international sales organization. No extra wages, expenses and avoid non deliverables.

We source the right distribution partners across the globe for your brand using our proprietary audit framework to ensure we match the right partners to the right projects.


1616 handle all export sales strategy and logistics from our offices in New York, Melbourne and Amsterdam.